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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time Scape Sequencer

New work by Arius Blaze. This piece allows for thousands of methods of automated sample fuqwithing. Everything from sample stutters, granulation, modulation and bursts of noise etc. Of course it also doubles as a very sweet dub style echo. The range is insane and could not be captured proper in our short videos. In the videos, for the most part, the patches are set according to what I had been playing with prior. The keys are patchable and each part of the sequence is patchable. Time range is from .005 to about 5.5 sec with a noticably lower quality toward about the 3.5 sec mark. This particular piece has found a home in Austria. More photos and more info here: ariusblaze.com. feel free to email. for sail page here: http://ariusblaze.com/forsale.html.

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