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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time Machine ver.3

by Arius Blaze designed for extreme sample fuqwithing and analog style delay.

Thousands of possibilities for effecting sound - everything from granulation, modulation, stutter effects and things that have yet to be named. It stands alone though it has the following expansion options which can be done at any time:

= The all touch-based playable keyboard - polyphonic and feeding through the circuitry of the time machine to turn this piece into a samplable synthesizer.

photo from the keyboard made for the Time Scape Sequencer:


= The 8 part sequencer (like that on the time scape sequencer) allows the effects to be played in time - each part is patchable to the main patchbay generating some of the instant craziest hardware shit you've ever heard. There is no other piece of hardware that does anything like this when the sequencer is added. an amazing thing.

As shown built into the Time Scape Sequencer:


= twenty part custom keyboard with all handmade keys and two patchable mains - allows thousands of effects to be played as and when you like.

Each and all of the upgrade options breathe entirely new life into this piece, making it more playable and allowing for thousands more possibilities.

For more info, photos of this piece and sound samples of a similar work go to: http://ariusblaze.com/soundart/delay/timemachine3.html
This piece is currently available: http://ariusblaze.com/forsale.html

For further sound examples and video, see the time machine and time scape sequencer.


musikgear.com said...

Hi !
Any ideas on the price of de 2 options (seq & keyboard) ?
Kind regards,

folks said...

Hello Tristan, the price for each addition (sequencer, touch keyboard and effect keyboard) will be $500 each including shipping. take care

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