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Friday, February 12, 2010

Time Scape and Sequencer video and photos


"The Folktek Time Scape with the Scape Sequencer as built, played, recorded and filmed and edited by Arius Blaze. The audio is multitracked, utilizing the standalone feedback for wave generation as well as processing a small portion of a mix by Dr Auratheft called "Nomads and Monades" (highly recomended). No cutting or further computer processing was done - just 4 tracks interwoven. The video is filmed as the audio is recorded and is perhaps a bit wildstyle with the editing but they seem to work well together. More info on the Time scape, Scape Sequencer and all other Folktek works at folktek.blogspot.com, folktek.com and ariusblaze.com. A new site will be up soon, but for now - enjoy!"

photos of the work being filmed - built on comission:

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