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Saturday, March 13, 2010

new modified omnichord video

In two parts, modified and played by Ben Houston. This is the digitized version of the omnichord with midi - modified with breakout box and patchable keys.

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Anonymous said...

i recently bought the modified om-250 from you guys and it's great! the patch-box is an excellent idea because it gives you a plethora of sounds, textures, and rhythmic variations while allowing you to also use the original omnichord sounds when unplugged from the box. It's pretty amazing what you can achieve with this modified instrument. My only suggestion to Folktek would be a slightly longer cord going from the patch-box to the omnichord.

I think every musician and studio should have an instrument like this as it sparks creativity for new songs, as well as adding more depth and variation to a track you might be stuck on finishing. Thanks again Folktek!