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Monday, April 12, 2010

Backpack, Lamp, Bug

New Works By Ben Houston.

The latest bug here, housed in antique wooden volt-meter. Features 12 point magnetic patchbay and a patchable knobs. Endless sound possibilities here, really! Nice portable design.

Lamp I created from odd bulbs I found in some old photographic equipment in a dumpster and mounted to an old oak display. Bulbs glow very pleasing violet color.

Finally got my sewing set up all working and have been designing a small day pack geared toward the cyclist. This is my favorite one so far. Ergonomic shoulder straps, reflective strip and compact four pocket design. Fabric is industrial scrap from awning/sunbrella factory.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow, very chic! the lamp and bug together are beautifully ominous looking. it looks like something that would coerce the truth out of a boisterous captive.

then, as an alternative to waterboarding, you could just let your prisoner go cycling instead with a wonderful new backpack. Or, screw that - let the Bug finish him off and you go cycling instead!

All kidding aside - it looks great. The bug is alluring for sure...cool to see you guys reinvent other stuff too. Now, a bent backpack - that would be something ;-)