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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Folktek Collection Vol. 1 (virtual instruments)

After a year of work "the Folktek Collection Volume 1" has finally been realized. A massive selection of virtual instruments designed and recorded by Arius Blaze and Big Pauper - to be played using Kontakt. We took over $30,000 worth of our favorite Folktek works and meticulously multi-sampled the sounds we love, then designed the interfaces within Kontakt to have the controls we liked and what's resulted is a massive 1.74gb of data and 64 virtual instruments of the highest quality.

Go to the full page to read more, listen to sounds or to purchase the collection (price; 149.79;


Anonymous said...

why just kontakt? what did they do for you? seems better to make an open platform, yes?

Anonymous said...

i totally have to agree with my predecessor

miko said...

yeah, now i need to buy kontact and then buy this...such a pain in the arse.

folks said...

the thing is...we started with a deal from kontakt and worked for about 4 months on the thing and then they dropped us...corporate shite. To not complete the project seemed ridiculous so we continued on. If we knew an easy wasy to make it open platform without redoing the whole project we would, but we don't. If you have suggestions please email us at folktek@gmail.com - we'd love to hear about it

olga sudorova said...

The instruments work with the kontakt 4 version for ios?