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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DJ Rupture remix, impossible boxing and music in general

Arius Blaze here with a shout out and share - the Impossible Box has been a pleasure and it's coming up on official listen time. I'm up on this sound cloud shit now and would like to extend an invitation to listen and follow up with musical happening;  http://soundcloud.com/arius-blaze

I recently revisited Dutty Artz (for those who don't know; check it out), home of Matt Shadetek and DJ Rupture (a personal long-time hero), only to discover a little remix contest Rupture's put up. The contest requires the remixing of a track by Rupture's band Nettle - which is also a great listen if you haven't heard it.

I personally LOVE to remix and have been doing it for years, so I took the opportunity to utilize the Impossible Box (my personal music lab) to alter, shift and diddle with those bits and pieces of Nettle. I'm a bit of a remix purist in a sense believing that a proper remix (for me personally) should utilize the bits and pieces of the original track exclusively (with the exception of straight vocal remixes). My sampler took care of the beats but the Impossible Box allowed control over the rest.

So please have a listen and enjoy! I also suggest having a listen through the other remixes that folks from around the world have entered on the official DJ Rupture remix challenge page via sound cloud - it's a pleasure to see where people are coming from with music and specifically remixing which tends to expose people in interesting ways. And though it's a bit of a late notice, if you have a chance to hunker down in the studio and create your own remix, it is encouraged and I would love to hear it.

I'll be adding my own music and sound from the Impossible Box laboratory to my offical sound cloud page as it's completed and soon the folktek records site will be complete and interwebbable.

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