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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time Scape Wave Sequencer

A brand new masterwork by Arius Blaze. The "Time Scape Wave Sequencer" is a sampler, processor and synthesizer with a built in 8 step sequencer. The touch board controls the polyphonic synth part which can be fed through delay or any combination of thousands of possibilities for wave shaping as well as the possibility of having the shape altered in time with the sequencer.

The synth parts can also be sampled and the sample can be added to. The sample time has been greatly expanded to 4x that of the standard time scape (up to about ten seconds of high quality and more at lower quality). The built in color oscilloscope is not a standard oscilloscope but instead a synchronized display of odd textures with controls over the textures.

Sample retriggering to synch with the sequencer, methods for adding to the sample in real time, exessive low pass and high pass feedback options and literally thousands of possibilities for shaping the sample with straight connections or through the sequencer. Incoming sounds can be greatly altered as well - everything from strange time-based stuttering to ring mods and granulation...

All of that and loads of nice blinking lamps. Unfonrtunately, it is nearly impoossible to photograph the oscilloscope and so expect to see more in the upcoming videos. All of the lamps, switches and buttons are hand crafted. For more info on the original time scape see this post: time scape delay and sampler

More info and videos to come. Many thanks!


VICMOD said...

i wish you guys did more vids of the gear you make, photos are only half the story

folks said...

It's true it would be nice to have more video...It just takes lots of time and energy to do something nice enough to say "yeah, that's a proper representation of this piece"...instead of - "damn, that's a very poor representation of this piece"...There will be more to come and you can expect the video quality to exponentionally increase and become that better representation.
Also - I just finished this today! Gimme a little time!

thanks for the support and tips

Big Pauper said...

yeeeeah mu'fuckahhhhh!

LEVLHED said...

Looks magnificent!

I'm still tinkering with the SK1 I commissioned from Mr.Blaze in exchange for some funky old analog synths.

Someday I hope to invest in a more esoteric piece such as this...