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Thursday, October 1, 2009

new "Time Scape" delay and sampler

(this piece is currently available. go to the for sail page on ariusblaze.com for more details.)

The New Time Scape created by Arius Blaze is designed for analog style delay, thousands of variations for effecting incoming sound and extreme sample fuqwithing. This work has automated patchable effects which amongst many other things can be made to process sample timing, allowing you to cipher through parts of a sample as it repeats or toggle back and fourth between any variation of ring mod or compression for example.

It functions as a standalone piece by activateing the excess feedback and generating fields of sound.

There are expansion options for the Time Scape. Adding the "Scape Sequencer" to the mix allows you to automatically sequence any of the patches and when tapping into the timing mechanism, resampling will rearrange bits and pieces of the incoming sound in time with the sampler - making it something of an automatic remix machine. Sending various points in the patchbay out to the clock in on the sequencer allows the sequencer to be synchronized with the sampler time adding repeatable results. The points can also be sent to the clock in on any analog gear or from the clock out on the sequencer.

Another addition is the touchboard (see this post;
touchboard) which allows the player to plug into the Time Scape and generate waves - which can be further altered by the Time Scape and the Scape sequencer as well as the automated patch functions.

Custom hardwood box, all custom buttons and switches, custom etched board, custom lamps. Currently available. Go to the Time Scape page for more details and sounds:
The touch board and the sequencer are offered seperately as expansion options.

Essentially, the Time Scape + Scape Sequencer =
Time Scape Sequencer
Here is a video of the time scape sequencer:

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