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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Magnetic Sequencer

This piece was a collaborative effort between Ben Houston and Arius Blaze. It has no sound generating capability whatsoever and was designed specifically to control external anything so long as it's patchable.
The propeller is run by motor (with speed control) and on one end, the exceptionally strong magnet sits sending out an opposing force to each magnet attached to any of the sixteen metal pieces below, one step at a time, thereby depressing the switch and making a connection between two points - which then corresponds to a seperate on/off switch for each part, leading to a 1/4" trigger out. It was quite brilliant and made a nice clicking sound. click click click click click

The concept originated and was first introduced with the "Drone Scape Sequencer" (2006 - pictured below) - certainly not the most beautiful work but well worth the $250 somebody paid for it (which came out to Ben and Arius recieving about $4/hour after ebay and paypal fees, the cost of the case, the cost of the vintage switches, the magnets, the brass, the old knobs, the circuitry, etc.)...Actually $4/hour may be an exhageration, I think $3/hour sounds about right. Notice the propellor in action in the first photo moving at such high speeds that it is a meer blur of beautiful clicking. click click click click click click

More info on the "Drone Scape Sequencer" can be found here: http://folktek.com/dronescape.html


Anonymous said...

As the owner of this piece & I'd like to make a couple of corrections:
1. I paid a total of $539.
2. It is a beautiful piece of work.

folks said...

Thanks for the corrections!
glad you like it and hopefully you're still enjoying it.
take care