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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Time Machine Bug

This work had never seen the light of internet. The Time Machine Bug was created on co-mission in 2008 by Arius Blaze, melding all of the features of the "Time Machine" (here: http://ariusblaze.com/soundart/delay/timemachine.html) with the features of one of the patchable "bug" series (here: http://ariusblaze.com/soundart/melano/mantis.html)

Featuring an extensive patch section, sampling capablities, thousands of ways of altering both the sample and the delayed signal, all the freakishness of the bug warmed up by the analog style delay and playable patchable keys for effects. The result was an exceptionally atmospheric and sweet sounding thing that went on forever. The bug could be patched into the time machine or sent elsewhere and up to three external signals could be sent into the time machine - an onboard mixer was added so multiple signals could be effected

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Lo Fi Freq said...

Nice mixture or other units!

Videos ? ?