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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time Scape Sequencer touchboard addition

An additonal touchboard was built for the "Time Scape Sequencer" (created by Arius Blaze - view this previous post) that is attached via 25 pin cable and allows the Time Scape the option of functioning as what was essentially the "Feedscape" (a collaborative effort between Ben and Arius - view the Feedscape).

The toucboard is polyphonic and all touch based, allowing the generation of a vast array of waves and feedback textures. Those waves can further be altered by the functions of the Time Scape including the ability for any phrase of waves to be sampled (in conjunction with an incoming signal or solo) and then further altered in sequence in thousands of ways. This broadens the spectrum of the piece a great deal and allows for an entirely new body of sound.


musikgear.com said...


Wil it appear on Ebay ?

Kind regards,


folks said...

Hello Tristan, no it won't be on ebay. The piece is already sold and shipped - the keyboard addition was added special for the buyer.