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= Folktek Arts = The works of Arius Blaze, Ben Houston and co.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Folktek Colection volume 1 demo

Carson McWhirter (Hella, The Advantage) performing on an enormous MIDI keyboard keyed in to a variety of patches from the Folktek Collection Vol. 1 for Kontakt.

The first patch is the "Classic Strum Velocity" instrument - a velocity sensitive multi-sample glitch beast (5-9 different glitches on each key) . Later demonstrated is the Achilles Tape Loop patch, a lo-fi time machine based instrument, and The Shrill Cops Eat Flowers preset based on a rare one-off instrument by Arius Blaze.

Hallucinogenic brain-feed visuals by Big Pauper. (http://djpz.com)
Original Patches also by Big Pauper.
Based on the instruments of Ben Houston and Arius Blaze.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Expanded Luminist Garden

Built by Request - an expanded version of the folktek favorite - the luminist garden by Arius Blaze. Larger sound board, multiple pickups and layers of routable processing - delay from notated tight to about 1.5 seconds,
two selectable wave reverb/antique echo and attack filtration. The result is an extremely lush accoustic electronic environment.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Folktek Collection Volume 1 version 2

By strong request, we've created this version 2 of our folktek collection for those who choose not to delve into the kontakt-based vst environment. We re-recorded and arranged a massive collection of over 1.76gb of the best folktek sounds to be integrated however the player likes - whether it be with other programs such as Logic, Acid, Ableton, etc. or straight to hardware sampler.

The Folktek Collection Volume One by Big Pauper with Arius Blaze digs deep into the copper clad lines of electric and pulls fourth the nastiest, sweetest, most monstrously beautiful and torturous sounds of Folktek.

We spent a year compiling sounds and creating virtual instruments and another 6 months re-recording those sounds and arranging them in a coherent manner for easy use as kits, noises, glitches, sweet drone, sound scapes and playable pads.

Volume One features sounds intentionally designed for a broad range of artists and players - whether you're scoring a film and need something atmospherically innovative, a producer tired of the same old 808 sounds or looking to compliment them with something unusual, or a musician looking for an expressive new sound to "play".

You can find more details, have a listen, read the pdf or download version 2 here; folktek.com.