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Monday, April 29, 2013

very good illuminist garden video by Tau Ceti

I like this illuminist video - straight to the point...Oddly, (and I mean no disrespect because I think it's played well) the wave reverb is seldom used here. I say odd because I (as the creator) tend toward going into deep saturation waves. Love the way it's used here - great exploration of possibilities and in many ways from my experience (I use mine daily), just the tip of the ice berg


"A two-part improvisation on Folktek Illuministic Garden; three delay lines with separate behaviors (loop, mid delay, harmonizer) are treating external signal (courtesy of MS-20) and internal signal(s) from eight trees made of strings from electric guitars caught with an internal pickup. Great look, experimental and extreme features. Probably, non the only (nor the best) way to play with the Garden."

Friday, April 5, 2013

Elysian Drum Scape X

This is identical to all other Elysian Drum Scapes but this has been built into a simpler box and with a lower price as a result. This is the last of the series and the last of the drum scapes for awhile, pieced together with what was originally designed to be built into an Elysian box.

For complete info, go to the Elysian page of the site