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Monday, June 9, 2014

Sound Installation by Andreas Gerth

Prominently featuring the Drum Scape by Arius Blaze.
More info on the Drum Scapes can be found via the folktek site;

Andreas writes;
...with a sound installation in which the drumscape plays a main role.

The box on the left to the drumscape is a cv-trigger to s-trigger converter which I built. This was a big step forward to use the Drumscape more and integrate it into my modular system. The drumscape here is triggered via this box by a Doepfer A-149-2 Digital Random, which is clocked by the Benjolin pulse out, which is modulated by………
The Drumscape-out goes into an Optomix LowPass Gate… (not connected on the photo)

You can see full documentation and hear how it sounds here:

The second 30min take is how it sounds in the exhibition and you can hear the drumscape very well.
It's also on Soundcloud:

Also on my newest album Driftmachine "Nocturnes" the Drumscape was used often. The album comes out on the label 
Umor Rex on 17th of June: