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Monday, September 22, 2014

Luminist Garden at ARS Electronica Center

via ARS Electronica;
"Short clip on the live performance of White Sample and Raum Null at the Deep Space of Ars Electronica Center on September 05, 2014. Visuals by Veronika Pauser aka VeroVisual and Peter Holzkorn aka voidsignal. Body Controller by Michael Platz.Video-Documentation: Michael Mayr, Veronika Pauser."

Sunday, September 21, 2014


A new piece by Arius Blaze. Materia is a part of the triad; Materia/Mentalis/Aether - three instruments designed to work together and enhance eachother.
Materia is the rhythmic hub and creates a touch-based symbiosis with the player and Aether. Drone, Noise, beats and oddity
More info can be found on the folktek site where preorder is currently happening for both Aether and Materia ;

More info on Aether here;

and Mentalis will be along to join the others soon.

An overview of the triad to come soon as well.

Note that the videos below are my first experience with the three of these instruments together. Only Aether and Materia are actually producing audio - Mentalis is providing function to Materia but the audio element of that instrument is still being prototyped. You may find a few of these videos...slow...So flip through them if you need to. I have no doubt that as I have more time with them, I'll discover a broad range of possibilities that even I, being the instrument designer, didn't realize existed. There may be more videos in the future.
There is an element of aquatic life present.
so it goes.