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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time Scape Wave Sequencer on ebay

sold...goodbye sweet TSWS, you will be missed.

I'm not a big fan of listing these larger works on ebay, but here it is;

TSWS on Ebay

See the full description on the blog here;
Unfortunately there are no proper videos of this work and I'm not sure I'll find time before the auction ends. But keep in mind, this work is capable of everything the "Time Scape", "Scape Sequencer" and "Time Machine" works are (and much more) - so if you're interested, do the search here on the blog and watch videos and listen to sound samples. And/or go through our youtube videos to see what those works do; folktek youtube
This piece is also capable of everything that the Feedback Wave is - which will let you know what the touch board is all about - feedback based synthesis. Although, with the sequencer being built in, there are a multitude of greater possibilities for the synth section as well.
If you decide to go for this work, you'll be thrilled - it is my masterpiece sampler synth to date and currently at the price of a Time Machine. If you want to get it straight from me and cut out the corporate evils of ebay, you're more than welcome to hit me up direct; folktek@gmail.com. good luck and take care.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Drone Scape

The Drone Scape by Arius Blaze - an ongoing series of works intended specifically for a broad range of drone - from lo-fi to extremely rich and lush, similar in nature to the Drum Scape series, though also quite different from any other folktek work. On the other hand, it's also capable of glitch, bleeps and blips, odd beats, shifting arpeggiation and all varieties of noise.

The Drone Scape X (one of four identical works) can be found here;
Drone Scape X
This piece is capable of all of the same sounds and has the same controls.

Based on step shifting oscillation run through a built in delay - capable of extremely tight notated repeats and up to about 1.5 seconds. The result in an enormous range of sound with great control over the sonic characteristics.
There are six sound samples presented here - unedited, eneffected, way too long, likely redundant and encoded at medium quality. After recording I performaed a modification which allows for further possibility and control - however, I currently have no intention of rerecording, so this is it;
= There is one Drone Scape finished and ready to ship, otherwise this is an ongoing series of work built to order.
Custom switches, keys, lamps and beautiful hardwood box.