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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time Scape Wave Sequencer video preliminaria

This is a brief preliminary video meant to be a visual presentation (not a sonic one) of the "Time Scape Wave Sequencer" by Arius Blaze. There will be more to come.

Sin:Ned = Dark Side of the Chord VII

A new release by Sin:Ned
in his email he wrote "it is my solo improvisation on folktek's folkchord 2 and modified om-84."
info below...go here for more info and to have a listen to a few tracks:

"Deeply influenced by the Tokyo Psychedelic Underground, Hong Kong experimentalist Sin:Ned created a never-ending and eternally self-referencing world of noise and extreme frequency. The two solo improvisations on modified Omnichord unleashed the full darkness hidden inside the bent circuitry of the instruments. A complex structure of razor sharp power lines running through an endless maze of psychedelic trans-configuration. Free and abstract. Forceful yet intricate. A brutal journey about the poetic of lost soul and dead spirit. "
check it out and support the arts

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time Scape Wave Sequencer

A brand new masterwork by Arius Blaze. The "Time Scape Wave Sequencer" is a sampler, processor and synthesizer with a built in 8 step sequencer. The touch board controls the polyphonic synth part which can be fed through delay or any combination of thousands of possibilities for wave shaping as well as the possibility of having the shape altered in time with the sequencer.

The synth parts can also be sampled and the sample can be added to. The sample time has been greatly expanded to 4x that of the standard time scape (up to about ten seconds of high quality and more at lower quality). The built in color oscilloscope is not a standard oscilloscope but instead a synchronized display of odd textures with controls over the textures.

Sample retriggering to synch with the sequencer, methods for adding to the sample in real time, exessive low pass and high pass feedback options and literally thousands of possibilities for shaping the sample with straight connections or through the sequencer. Incoming sounds can be greatly altered as well - everything from strange time-based stuttering to ring mods and granulation...

All of that and loads of nice blinking lamps. Unfonrtunately, it is nearly impoossible to photograph the oscilloscope and so expect to see more in the upcoming videos. All of the lamps, switches and buttons are hand crafted. For more info on the original time scape see this post: time scape delay and sampler

More info and videos to come. Many thanks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Time Machine Collaboration

Fresh out of the lab - a new co-mission collaboration by Ben Houston and Arius Blaze. A delay-based, sample remix murderer with the potential for excessive feedback and a broad range of tonal generation. folktek's own magnetic patchbay and all custom keys, switches and lamps, based on the original Time Machine.
The buyer of this work also purchased a scape sequencer accompaniment which greatly expands upon the potential of this piece.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New book of Sound

New co-mission work by Ben Houston
Magnetically patchable odd/
freaky sound synth.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Matador and Bull

Arius Blaze 2009, ink on paper, 34" x 22"