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Friday, September 28, 2012

Feedback Hall

A prototype by Arius Blaze - the Feedback Hall is a sound art object. It's simply a large dual spring reverb (almost 4 feet tall), designed to not just process musical sound but to act as an atmosphere generator - a standalone art work in a home. The Feedback Hall picks up sound in the room, sends it into a preamp, into an amp, through the springs, into the pickup, into an amplifier and out of the speaker box.
It simply takes the sound and vibration in the room and turns it into an ambient field. The sound is sweet and soothing. Additionally, it can be used to process external instruments and sound.

The photos are not very good, but there will be more in the future - along with sounds and hopefully video.

Arius Blaze; Impossible Sound

I've finally managed to start sorting through the recordings of my time with the impossible box and thought it'd be about time to share a little. Most of my recordings (and all of what I currently have posted on soundcloud) are straight recordings, direct from the box and relatively (or completely) unedited. If I'm trying to make a "song", I prefer to be able to play it proper in one take - so I spend a day patching the Impossible and working with the sound and when to play what, etc. until I get it right...Then I record...and if it doesn't turn out right, I do it again and again until it does.
I think this yields a specific style of composition, sometimes one not so exciting and intricate and perhaps slow or even boring for the modern over-excited world. But...that's what I'm into.

For your (un)listening (dis)pleasure, I have a few recordings;

The first two were recorded for the first 10" dubplate release on the soon to be folktek records. Strange, somewhat minimal, almost droning, verging on music, cliffside hallway dub. A pulsing spatial sound for the release entitled "Spatial Recognition".


This track entitled "Impossible Dub" is some bass whomping, ethereal foot dragging, crystallized melodicizm utilizing the natural occurance of the sequencers glitching from odd voltage inputting - somewhat dictating when to do what while I play. All in good fun.


"Untied Up" is in two parts - a relatively simple sound but with the complexity of a seeming cello playing a sequence off in the distance, with the sound of slapping water in front of you. It's a composition that requires a mental reconciliation for what at first provides a spatial recognition of two very different places.


"Dragon Sound" is more specifically in the straight drone realm - made with film sound in mind. Tense, ever-changing and building drone. The sound of train, busy-ness, a swarming, driving force...and yet somehow, at least moderately lulling.


Another dub piece, more minimal...very chill - all live and unedited impossible box;

I will be posting more to my sound cloud in the future if you'd like to hear what develops; http://soundcloud.com/arius-blaze