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Sunday, October 23, 2011

cut the record the cut

Record Cutter (Lathe) constructed by me (Arius Blaze). The plinth (box) and top panel are creamy and delicious walnut with oak splines, DB meter to check incoming level, heated stylus with milla-amp meter and adjustment control, stand-off motor with adjustable belt tension, built-on heat lamp, rek-o-kut cutterhead assembly with freshly re-wound Audax cutterhead, cork covered platter, antique silver ins and connections and all cloth covered cables.
First cuts have proven successful.
This will be used in the production of short run record releases for my upcoming label "Folktek Records" - be on the lookout.


ryedigs00 said...

my god! please let me buy one of these someday. put me first in line. I'll go and prepare a large bag of money.

murray said...

Hoooly crap, I as well. Please notify me if you end up making a couple of these.

Anonymous said...

you cut on acetate ?

Anonymous said...

I want One!

Hell with Digital Sound!
I have a studio and have nothing but
trouble with conversion sound. So,
I'm going back to analog systems.
Reel to Reel then to Digital. So I
thought I might as well cut vinyl
Records To. Contact if you would
@ tummblleweed@rocketmail.com